Following the vast experience in textile industry over two decades, Zafer Yavuz created Startime brand in 2011. At the multi-storey store opened in Laleli, he engaged in selling women’s wear to over 40 countries including without limitation Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan together with his team of 25 personnel. Incorporating 20 different brands in his collections, Startime created a great trading volume that makes great contributions to national economy and exportation.

  • With unique campaigns launched in Laleli, our company attracts attention from clients and has become a trendsetter in selling wholesale women’s wear. It pioneers and is thus closely followed by others


  • Our mission is to render Startime a store that creates a positive and favourable perception in the eyes of clients and suppliers simultaneously, that combines high quality products with high quality services, and that creates fashion trends for all.


Our vision is to offer fashion trends and quality in combination for clients both in the short and long run. Startime is dedicated to grow as a brand that contributes to create fashion trends in over 40 countries.